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What is Infinite Banking

Learn How to make Whole Life Insurance work for you!

Infinite Banking using Whole Life Insurance

Infinite Banking is the process by which a person becomes their own banker. This concept was taught by the late Nelson Nash. In his book on the subject, Becoming Your Own Banker, Nash explains how whole life insurance policies uniquely function as dividend-paying assets through accrued equity. He goes on to explain the many creative ways you can utilize this liquid cash value. These ideas include:

  • Create your own tax-free lending system to finance large purchases, like a car, home, or education), and how you can do that free of commercial banks and lenders

  • Generating personal wealth without the volatility of the free market, and with the added utility of protection for your beneficiaries

  • Using these practices to finance a business

Infinite Banking can be a good fit for people who are tired of the traditional banking system and looking for a more secure form of lending that isn't directly tied to federal interest rates. To learn more and see if Infinite Banking is something you'd like to explore, contact Arx Financial today.


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