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How Infinite Banking Works

Alternatives to Traditional Financing

How Infinite Banking Works

If you've ever applied for a loan, you know the nerve-wracking moments where it feels like a perfect stranger is digging into your life and making you sign away your future. It's uncomfortable to say the least. But what most people don't know is that there is an alternative to traditional financing - a method of financing that is not directly tied to Interest Rates and the traditional banking system.

Let me introduce you to a system called Infinite Banking.

Here's how Infinite Banking works. Infinite Banking allows you to use the equity, or cash value, specific to whole life insurance policies to serve as collateral for all policy loans. As long as premiums are up-to-date on the whole life insurance policy, the policyholder simply calls the insurance company and requests a loan against their equity. The crazy thing is the insurer on the phone won’t ask what the loan will be used for, details about your income (i.e. policyholder), what other assets you might have to serve as collateral, or in what timeframe you intend to pay back the loan. The checks for these loans are often sent out as soon as the next business day.


What's the difference between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance?

Term life insurance products have a start and end date, which covers only the policyholder's beneficiaries in the event of their death. Whole life insurance covers an individual’s entire life and accrues cash value. When appropriately structured, whole life insurance policies generate a unique income stream that increases the equity in the policy over time.

What's the bottom line?

In short, with properly structured whole life insurance policies, you can bypass traditional banking systems for lending and borrow from yourself, thus becoming your own banker.

Want to see how you can become your own banker? Contact us today to get started with Infinite Banking!


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